John Clayton, ESPN, A Kill Date Victim 3/17/22

Headline news on the kill day for March 19th.

Every month we have Headline News of deaths in the celebrities with these ritual numeric patterns.

he dies at age 67

ritual= 27, Clayton = 27 and its a 27-date numerology of his death.

ok so here we go with the kill numbers …..

He is killed 311 days before his birthday May 11th. 311 days and 311 is 64th prime

64 prime 311 kill = 64

311 days is also 44 weeks

44 weeks kill = 44

10 months 7 days

ritual sacrifice =107

born in 1954

54 = jesuit order, Espn = 54 and 18

sold his soul to ESPN for fame and fortune.

Dead at age 67 (sixty-seven = 54) and he is reported dying on the 18th.

54 days before his birthday

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