Vogel is Fired!! Lakers Fire Head Coach. His life was scripted from the David Letterman show in 1996.

fired at age 48

TMZ releases the Headline News at 11:03 like 113 the Bullshit number

He is fired 10 weeks and 1 day before his Birthday. 101

Today is the 101st day of the year.

33 wins and he is Fired

The Coach of the Lakers fits the script, 42 weeks after his birthday.

He signed with as Coach of The Lakers on 5/13/19

He is sacrificed off from his position in the Jesuit Order 152 weeks later.

152 weeks = 2 years & 333 days…

Its all scripted theater.

when he was in eighth grade he was on a segment of stupid human tricks on Late Night with David Letterman and spun a Basketball while brushing his teeth. His like was scripted long before todays firing.

he was fired 34 months after taking the Lakers Head Coach Job.

its also 2 years and 333 days

I found the date on throwback fox sports on 5/21/2015 which states it was 19 years ago before the article date

1996 May 21 he was on the episode

its 228 months from the episode to the article of the #TBT

its 25 years since he spun the ball while brushing his teeth.

5 weeks and 6 days before the 26 anniversary of the episode.

watch the video below.


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