Jim Hartz, another puppet sacrificed by the Jesuit Order.

sacrificed 73 days after his birthday

They report he died of copd.

dead age 82

he was killed on the 107th day of the year

There is a price you pay for fame and fortune.

Dead on the 17th of the month on the 107th day of the year.

drop the 0 in numerology 107 becomes 17

Another kill code coincidence.

Dead in 2022

his number was called up

Wikipedia mentions his biggest career move as being the co anchor on march 16 1966 for the return of the Gemini VIII

He happens to die 33 days after the anniversary and 333 days before the next anniversary

Which is also 4 weeks and 4 days like 44, the kill code, and dies on the 17th.

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