Depeche Mode Keyboardist, Andy Fletcher, Dies At 60. The Price You Pay For Fortune And Fame


look Who the Cabal murdered today… 187 is the homicide code.

43 days until his birthday, the guy from Depeche Mode fits the script.

83 Murder of Depeche Mode 43 member.

he is dead at age 60

The kill code never fails. It’s 43 days before his birthday or a span of 44 days.

A blood sacrifice for his deal with the devil.

44 days is also 1 month 13 days, 113, and he sold his soul to be part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Notice the blue hyper link for his place in the history book. (A deal with the devil).

The history books are preplanned attacks and sacrifices. Learn Gematria. The symbolism and numerology expose it with undeniable proof.

he is dead 322 days after his birthday.

Skull and Bones, The Brotherhood of Death, Order 322, Secret Society from YALE where the Presidents are bred from.

322 days is 46 weeks exactly.

May 26th had the kill code sacrifice date numerology. 73

His number was called up. A deal with the devil comes with a sacrifice.

His first albulm was speak & spell, sold his soul to satan.

It even has cross gematria with the 154 for ritual sacrifice.

and the date numerology we discussed above is 73,

the perfect pattern for when they called his number up.

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