Shooting in Smithsburg, Maryland. 2:30pm Thursday June 9th. Shooting occurred at Columbia Machine Manufacturing Plant. SAME PATTERN AS ALL THE REST.

this shooting comes 139 days after the anniversary of Hogan taking office.

its also, 227 days before the next anniversary of him taking office.

hogans full name and the Full Name of the Plant have matching Gematria.

It is also 32 week and and 2 days until his next anniversary to stamp the 322. They always leave a numeric pattern.

He is the 62nd Governor and this shooting occurs in Smithsburg

The same pattern as the last 4 shootings.

This shooting occurs in Smithsburg, Maryland, from the 62nd governor, for his satanic ritual.

A shooting for a Gun Control Agenda being pushed by The Jesuit Order, A.K.A. the Cabal.

its a club and you aint in it.

The Jesuit Order.

today is 201 days after Bidens Birthday on 6/9

a bloodline of many generations perfecting time with scripted agendas.

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