Rapper, FBG CASH, fatally shot in Chicago on 6/10, killed on 81st Street, and died at Christ Hospital. Is this a Satanic Sacrifice?

We often see Black men killed in Jesus Rituals. The Key Point of the death is he died at CHRIST Medical Center.

Tristian is murdered on 10/6 June 10th.

Gematria tells us why. His fit the script and it was his turn for a murder Ritual.

This news comes after the last member of FBG was killed with 38 bullet casings left at the scene….

He is murdered in 2022 and we can clearly see why he was chosen to become famous. He fit the script and was perfect to make rich and use for a future ritual. This is a satanic gang that runs the industry and YES, they sacrifice.

76 is a number used through Black History and Shaming Rituals in the headlines.

This is modern day slavery in an Industry ran by Satanic Cabal Jesuits. He is murdered at age 31

You have to make sacrifices for fame and fortune. And now we see why his stage name was FBG Cash. He was chosen for a sacrifice.

He was killed at age 31

The puzzle they put together with these headline deaths is unreal. Gematria is the language used for these puzzles‘ rituals.

This man was gunned down and killed on 81st street.

The numbers don’t lie and the headline deaths are not coincidences. These are scripted numeric patterns of deaths being reported.

I am still looking for this mans birthday and will update post soon when more details are given.


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