Steve Sax’s son is killed in a military training exercise, on June 8th.

Headlines of the History books tells us that Steve Sax’s son was on the aircraft that crashed.

Steve is currently 62 years old, a sacrifice number we see so much in death around the headlines.

33 weeks til dads next birthday

his son was 33 years old.

he was killed on 6/8 or written 8/6 outside the U.S.A.

the son is dead 131 days after dads birthday

the same pattern we had seen in the Pasha and Nelly’s sacrifice this week.

His son was Capt. John Sax in the headlines about his death.

He was a child sacrifice in Imperial County in an aircraft crash.

dad had a price to pay with the devil at the age of 62 for his career and wealth with the Dodgers

dad was drafted on 6/6/ in 1978

the perfect aircraft to crash

And if you think for a second that The Jesuit Order would not take a plane down for a sacrifice then think about Kobe Bryant, John F Kennedy JR, and so many many more…

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