NELSON MANDELA’s BIRTHDAY 18/7. Another 201 and 322 Ritual.

Mandela died at the age of 95.

he dies 225 days before his birthday.

Was he a puppet to the Jesuit Order, cabal?

187, like the date, is the national murder code and also his Birthday.

He died 20 weeks and 1 day after his birthday. 201 is a huge number to the Jesuits.

His death is also 32 weeks and 2 days before his next birthday.

Skull and Bones also known as Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death.

All of the Secret Societies belong to the same Catholic Satanic Cabal that leads back to The Pope and the Catholic Church.

Dead at age 95, in a perfect ritual, to control the headlines after they controlled the puppet. They all make sacrifices for The Order.

They have had a very long time to perfect a code of Order out of Chaos.

He was chosen for the role.

This year his Special Assistant is dead and headline news on his birthday.

read her death decode in the Link Below ..Happy Learning 🙂

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