Shireen Abu Akleh, killed May 11th.

She is killed 38 days after her birthday.

Murder, Sacrificed?

May 13, the first report of who may have killed her.

On June 24, 44 days after her death, there was the announcement the death investigation is over. This is what will be His-story.

56 days after her death Biden makes statement and wants someone held accountable.

Her niece is in headlines on July 27 speaking, 77 days after her death.

She was working for AL Jazeera.

She is dead 191 days after the anniversary of the Al Jazeera Channel launch.

its 174 days before the next anniversary of the launch.

She is in the history books, killed by the “Israel Defense Forces”

The Press did an investigation, so we should all feel it is the truth.

She was an employee, puppet, for the United Nations as well.

The History Books (Wikipedia) tell us she wore a blue vest that said “PRESS.” in more mockery by the numbers,

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