Barack Obama’s Birthday was a Satanic Ritual at the White House.

James and Donna are killed on 8/4 or 4/8 on the 216th day of the year


In Sumerian ….

Barak is the Hebrew word for Lightning.

Obama’s 61st Birthday. 8/4

This is a very biblical ritual done at the White House on August 4th.

This Ritual comes on Our 44th President’s birthday.

The 2 People Killed are from Wisconsin.

Luke 10:18 like 118 is the verse of Satan falling from heaven like a lightning bolt.

Wisconsin was founded May 28, the 149th day of the year. and this comes on the 67/68 day of the state’s birthday.

6*6*6 = 216

the state is 174 years old

The last time they reported Lightning hitting the White House was Easter Sunday 2011

Barak looks like the man they used to play Satan on the History Channel .

update ” 3 dead but the couple was celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary

read about lil nas X satanic shoe ritual with Luke 10:18 referenced as well.

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