8/7 Joohyung Kim earns PGA tour Card with 61 winning the WYNDHAM CHAMPIONSHIP. A possible symbolism for the upcoming PGA TOUR.

August 7th is the 219th day of the year. It is the perfect day for Wyndham Championship news headlines.

The winning prize is 7,300,00.

73 huh

Will this win for-tell his death in the future? Is it time for a sacrifice for his fortune and fame?

The next one is Aug 11… The Northern Trust and it is on a very interesting set of dates.

It is 7 weeks and 3 days after his birthday.

Aug 11 and ends on Aug 14th the monthly kill day.

Aug 11th is a 61-date numerology, and he gets a PGA tour Card today with a 61 to win Wyndham…

Aug 11th is also the 223 day of the year.

223 is skull and crossbones

Could he be starting his career with the Cabal?

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