Rain pays tribute to brother, River Phoenix, with one eye symbolism for his 52nd birthday. River, Rain and 52.


River died 70 days after his birthday, and he was born in 1970

her band wrote the song TRANSCENDING in tribute to River.

It has been 28 years since his death when she makes this post.

He died 22 days before her birthday and this year in 2022 she pays this tribute.

he died on the 304th day of the year,in Numerology you can drop the 0

in her hashtags she uses the #52 for his age.

If you know gematria then you know Zach has covered 52 and Weather Control. River and Rain and Weather … The god of Enlil

This tribute comes on his 52nd Birthday.

River’s mom is nicknamed HEART and we know with all the green symbolism they are attacking the HEART CHAKRA

Phoenix, Arizona may need to watch out!!!

Could this be foretelling of something to come?

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