Gwyneth Powell, actor known for playing Grange Hill headteacher Mrs McClusky, dies aged 76 the same day as the Queen.

she died on the 251st day of the year like the Queen of England

she died from surgery due to a perforated colon at age 76

she gained fame on THE GUARDIANS and the series released in 1971 on 10/7 July 10

The plot of her Debut career was about the Royal Family, and she dies the same day as the Queen

They waited to release the Headline of her death on Sept 12th

64 days after the anniversary of the release

The headline is 69 days after her Birthday on 12/9

Sept 12 like 129 has a relationship to 201 and 177

She died the same day as the Queen of England and the Queen died 140 days after her birthday

Mrs Mcclusky was the role that made Gwenyth famous.

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