All eyes in Alaska,Typhoon Merbok as the system moves over the southern Bering Sea on Thursday night – More 52 weather control and 316 sacrifices.

becoming what’s expected to be the strongest storm to impact the state in more than a decade

CNN compares it to the storm of 2011 but when you click the link in the article, it takes you to the one from November 9th 2014 not 2011…

The one from the link (2014) has an anniversary of 52 days from when this storm will hit Alaska.


The Largest one, that the article is actually talking about, is the Bering Sea Superstorm.

This storm will hit on Sept 16 the day leaving 106 days left

its 316 days after the 10 year anniversary.. the 316 is like John 316 when Jesus is sacrificed. we see a lot of deaths in the elite dying 316 before or after their birthdays or big hit debuts.

Look who the Meteorologist was Jonathan Chriest…like <JOHN AND CHRIST>

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