The many SACRIFICES made to become the 46th PRESIDENT. The Gematria story of President Joe Biden.

What THEIR his-story books won’t tell you …. Fame and Fortune come with Sacrifices…

The Death of the first wife and child on Dec 18th, 1972, days after becoming Senator.

His wife and daughter were killed just 28 days after Joe Bidens Birthday in 1972

she dies 144 days before her birthday. Just days after Biden won his Senate race.

Biden’s life continued for him to become the 46th President.

Naomi Christina Biden died 41 days after her birthday

She died being only 406 days old and he became President 46, In numerology you drop the 0

They nicknamed her AMY

Was she birthed and named for a future Sacrifice… 187 is the national MURDER code.

Death of son Beau Biden age 46

He died a span of 118 days before his birthday Keep in mind, sister Naomi was birthed on 11/8

Beau dies at age 46 and Joe Biden becomes the 46th President.

Beau died 174 days before Joe Biden’s Birthday

Beau died 202 days before the anniversary of his mother and sister’s death in 2015.

Beau died 191 days after Dad’s 72nd birthday.

Joe became President Jan 20,2021

67 months and 20 days after the death of Beau Biden

He also became president 48 years and 33 days after his wife and daughter were killed in Delaware

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