Did Dusty Hernandez make a sacrifice to come back onto the Boxing stage?… Boxer, Trainer, shot dead at age 62… Sacrifices come with fortune and Fame

Father is dead at age 62, There are sacrifices you have to make to become famous.

His son is set to come back on 10/1/22

Dusty was born on May 21 and is 28 years old.

Buddy is dead 127 days after his son’s Birthday

Arturo Harrison Hernández is his full name, and his birthday was 127 days ago. His father is shot and killed 127 days after his son birthday.

His son went Pro in his debut on June 11th and His father is killed 106 days after the anniversary.

killed at ….

He was making his comeback on 10/ 1 at 7pm and his dad is dead 7 days before the big event

His Father Name in the Headlines is

6*6*6= 216

Dad gets killed in Washington D.C.

187 is the national murder code.

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