“Blonde” portraying Marlyin Monroe, releases on Sept. 28th 2022 in scripted Gematria riddle.

Ana will be playing Marilyn

Sept 28th Netflix releases its new show “Blonde” about the life of Marilyn Monroe

The premier was done 96 years and 100 days after her birthday at the 79th film festival

Marilyn is being played by 34 year old Ana

she was born on 30/4, in numerology you drop the 0 for 34

she was born 25 years after Marilyn Monroe died.

This film releases 7 months and 3 days before Ana Birthday.

They did a limited release in the US on Sept 16th which is 107 days after Marilyn Birthday

Ana was born on the 121st day of the year. Did she sell her soul to be Marilyn Monroe

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