Espn, Jen Lada’s Father passes away after accident in Hells Canyon.

He was injured on the 28th, Was he a Victim of the Ruling class?

Bill is dead on Oct 1st, 105 days until his daughter’s Birthday.

She announced his death on Monday Oct 3rd and he died on October 1st Saturday.

She announces his death, 262 days after her birthday

Did she make a deal with the devil and was that deal paid up with her father’s death?

A motorcycle accident and the deal with the devil.

Fame and Fortune come with sacrifices.

The accident happened on Aug 28th, 140 days before Jen’s Birthday. 140 in numerology is 14. just like 104 is 14 since you would remove the 0.

Did this girl pay her debt to the Devil?

His accident was at the entrance to Hell..Hells canyon.

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