American Idol runner-up Willie Spence has died aged 23

They announce his death on the KILL date

update TMZ says he had flat tire

original post below

He is dead at age 23 and Guess what song was in the final show where he won runner up..

the song was called “23” and he lost to


On November 10, they announced the season will premiere on February 14, 2021.[158]Chayce Beckham was crowned the winner, with Willie Spence finishing as the runner-up. “23”, the song Chayce Beckham wrote and performed for Top 4, was released as his debut song

May 23 was finale and he is dead at age 23

dead 144 days after the anniversary of being RUNNER UP on AMERICAN IDOL

He is dead 115 days after his birthday in a Masonic killing

He was runner up in season 19

It has been 86 weeks since his season premiered

dead in car accident on the day leaving 81 days in the year

He sang these 3 songs in his finale. He died on his way back to Georgia from Tennessee

he went famous for his rendition of DIAMONDS

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