Josh Heupel gets victory with a Vols wins against Alabama. A Tribute to Walter Camp?

Heupel age 44 wins against Nick Saban’s Alabama in Week 7 after a 15 year losing streak .

Last time Tennessee Beat Alabama was 10/20/2006

The game is 158 days before Coach Heupel’s Birthday.

Born on 3/22. The number associated with Skull and Bones.

Walter Camp invented football.

Beating Nick Saban gave Heupel a Tennessee Conference career record of 7/4

Winning the Game against Alabama made his Overall record with TN 13/6.

136 days after the State of Tennessee’s Birthday

. Shout out to Gematriaeffectsports for that fun fact

It’s been 262 days since his anniversary of becoming Head coach.

He was the 177th pick in 2001, Now he plays the role of the TN Head Coach.

Walter Camp from Yale is credited for the game of Football

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