Another 201 this time with ONLY FANS Star, Courtney Clenney.

Courtney stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli on 4/3 and makes headlines on 10/18 in scripted bullshit.

199 days after the murder the police release body camera in defense of the only fans star.

They say she talked to the police on April 1st which was 201 days ago.

Let’s look at the murder. on April 3, written 3/4 or 4/3

They release this headline on the day leaving 74 days left in the year.

A Deal with the Devil for fame and fortune is called a Faustian Bargain.

man killed is Chrisian

They called him Toby

His death came 20 days before Courtney Birthday She was 25 at time he was stabbed

She killed him with a kitchen knife

now she claims self defense

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