Lets talk about Paul Walker, Skull and Bones, and the Movie ‘The Skulls’

In the movie “The Skulls” Paul Walker joins Skull & Bones. Paul is gifted a Red Porsche and he later dies in real life in a red Porsche. Coincidence?

He died 79 days before his birthday

He died on a 54 and 74 date numerology.

The date numerology for the film release is also a 54.

Not only do we have the release date numerology as 54 but we have the 34 as well.

He plays Caled Mandrake, a new Skull and Bones member.

He died while filming another Fast & Furious movie.


In this movie, His friend, Will, discovers the secret room and is killed. However, the Supreme court Judge and Senator make it look like a suicide.

Luke the other friend thinks he was killed and tries to solve the murder. He ends up framed, called crazy, and confined to s mental hospital.

rule 119?? The number code

Skull and bones 322.

Paul walker died a span of exactly 41 weeks before his 41 Birthday

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