Power Outage in North Carolina

Zach posted today about the connection with the show Revolution filmed in North Carolina and the Power Outage. If you don’t know who Zach is. He is a GREAT teacher of Gematria. (link below to his blog and youtube)

Zach mentions the show REVOLUTION in his Blog (link below), and I wanted to dig a little more.

77 days after the release anniversary of the film we have the power outage in N.C.

It was set in North Carolina and the Power Outages are coming from Moore County, North Carolina.

10 years after the show released.

This show was Created by Erik Kripke, makes you wonder what he knows and what he is involved in.

The bible says in Revelation that the Synagogue of Satan will say they are Jews but are not.

These headline events seem to always have a connection with the Government.

The Governor of North Carolina is Roy Cooper, He was born on the 201st day of the year, and it is 174 days after his Birthday.

Perfect player in power for the Chess Game.


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