Karen Bass sworn in as Los Angeles mayor, the first woman to hold the office. Sworn in by Kamala Harris on Sunday.

After 241 years,

241 is the 53rd Prime Number

Los Angeles gets its first female mayor.

Span of 53 days after Kamala’s Birthday

She is sworn in on Dec 11th by Kamala, 69 days after her 69th Birthday.

She bows to Kamala in appreciation… or is it compliance to the Club?

Will she be a sacrifice of Kamala’s in the years to come?

She assumes office on Dec 12th, 42 weeks before her Birthday.

The first FEMALE


The day Kamala took office was the 20th day leaving 345 and Karen gets sworn in on the 345th day leaving 20

Will she become the President soon?

Funny connection, She will take office 22 months and 22 days after Kamala took office.

Could Kamala take office in 53 days on 2/2? Was this a ritual for things to come?

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