Can Gematria solve the death of Martin Luther King Jr.?

He was Born on 1/15

Killed on 4/4

Killed on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel

He was Killed at age 39 and we celebrate him on MLK Day

He was killed 4 years & 220 days after his “I Have A Dream” speech, August 28th 1963

The Speech was given at the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom”

He wins a Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against ‘Racial Inequality’

They Killed him 174 days from his anniversary of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

He died 80 days before his birthday or a span of 81 days.

They connect history using number patterns. Look at one example below with Chadwick Bosman.

Chadwick Bosman was killed on the Anniversary of the I Have a Dream Speech 8/28 and had a film made about him

It was called Chadwick Bosman: A Tribute for a King’ Was he a sacrifice as a tribute?

National Homicide code is 187

They killed Chadwick Bosman who played Jackie Robinson in his film at the age of 42.

Jackie Robinson was known for wearing the number 42

He also died in a Sacrifice Ritual just like this one.

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