Get Ready for the Agenda called Tyre Nichols. Gematria proves this is an Agenda from Skull and Bones.

New Update 1/28/23

More shaming of the Black Community

He was beaten on CASTLEGATE

ginal post below

Jan 26th, Chaos out of Memphis, Cops are charged with Murder.

Killing of a 29 year old Black man

Jan 7th attack 1/07 & Dead on 1/10

Attack date can be written as 7/1 as well

Beaten by 5 cops and 9 days before MLK Day, MOCKERY

His birthday is June 5, or 5/6

He was attacked 149 days before his 30th Birthday

He died 220 day span after his last Birthday.

Dead 220 days on Jan 10th 1/10

They charge the officers on Jan 26th , 130 days before Tyre Birthday

6*6*6=216, Attacked 216 days after his last birthday

Lets check out the Police chief in the Headlines

This attack comes 158 days before her anniversary of being sworn in

This will be an ongoing post as the chaos unfolds with this Agenda

137 weeks After George Floyd, we have Police Chief Cerelyn Davis in the headlines in Tennessee

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