Harry Whittington, the man who former Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot while hunting in Texas 17 years ago, has died. He was 95

February 6th Headline

They make a point in every article they were hunting QUAIL, He died on 2/4

17 years after being shot by Dick Cheney

He is dead a span of 28 days before his 3/3 birthday.

The announce his death 25 days before his birthday

The accident happened on Feb 11th 2006 which was 20 days before his birthday

The day he was shot also had kill date numerology..

He is dead 17 years later

what day did this shooting really happen and did it really happen?

Fun Fact

He got his start in the political arena at the age of 33 and 322 days after his birthday after graduating from YALE

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