3 thoughts on “New Orleans Shooting is 322 days from Mayor Birthday

  1. News of this “shooting” came a span of 44-days from New Orleans final game of the NFL season.The shooting also came a span of 44-days from the Mayor’s upcoming birthday.
    “Saints” = 44
    “Shooting” = 44
    “Kill” = 44


  2. Great find. There’s likely symbolism w/ this specific Mardi Gras parade, Bacchus, as it’s named after the god of wine, ritual madness, & merriment, and is known as arguably the biggest & most extravagant of all the Mardi Gras krewes. In other words, it’s the most symbolically decadent night of the year in America’s most decadent city. Krewe Of Bacchus = 59.

    On 3/22 last year, a freak tornado hit New Orleans & then went into its oddly-named eastern suburb, Arabi. Local weather scientists say it was the strongest tornado in NOLA’s recorded history. Almost like a parable for Skull & Bones (the Bushes) from decadent America invading ARABIC lands. In a bit of scripted humor, Bush family pal & fellow warmonger Hillary Clinton made the news cycle blow up when she announced she had the ‘rona on that same day. (Some other famous person did too on that day, but I forgot who.) In December, another freak tornado took a similar path & ended up again in tiny (2 sq. mi.) Arabi, as shown in this eerie composite local news image: https://twitter.com/ZackFradellaWx/status/1603420422967623682

    Fast-forward to this week, 3 days after this story you decoded: The cousin of NOPD’s newly-appointed interim Police Superintendent Michelle Woodfork was killed on the locally very important & symbolic day called Mardi Gras Day or Fat Tuesday: https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/new-orleans-coroner-ids-woman-killed-mardi-gras-day-in-7th-ward-nicole-williams-grandmother/article_f56eba52-b39b-11ed-ab59-239077296db8.html And it gets weirder: The fairly famous music club where her cousin was killed is called Mother-In-Law Lounge, whose unusual name involves the concept of female relatives. (NOLA’s current mayor & head of police are both black females, as was the murdered cousin, so this might be confusing to follow for non-locals.)

    Speaking of New Orleans police, the department has a suspicious tradition going back to the late 1800s in which the chiefs have almost all worn their badges upside-down: https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/local/orleans/next-nopd-chief-has-a-choice-about-upholding-a-longstanding-tradition/289-e278e37f-edca-4bd0-89cb-23dd81097d38 Meaning, with the star turned into an upside-down pentagram used by Satanists & other occultists, since it of course resembles a goat’s head. (Woodfork wears hers upside-down & looks quite trans, as does mayor LaToya “The Destroya” Cantrell.) You might recall that during the harshest lockdown measures enacted by police in Australia a few years ago, their badges could be seen as having upside-down stars. I’ve been highly-attuned to noticing upside-down stars since then. On the NOPD chief’s badge, the writing is right-side-up despite the star being upside-down, so in other words, it’s a specially-made “1 of 1” badge, not a regular NOPD badge that’s worn upside-down.

    Speaking of the name Cantrell, I don’t know of any connections between the mayor & Jerry Cantrell of the dark grunge band Alice In Chains, but maybe you can find some. After AIC (named after the film Alice In Wonderland, which is allegedly often used in MKUltra conditioning of kids) rocketed to fame, two of its members died young. The death of their lead singer (on the exact 8-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suspicious death) was the final symbolic nail in the coffin of grunge, after which hip hop & sleazy R&B have dominated the airwaves & public consciousness ever since. In my research, notable surnames are always connected in elite webs. Study the deep-dive articles by Miles W. Mathis; I recommend the ones on Sharon Tate / Manson event, Fidel Castro, & Ben Franklin.


  3. And I forgot to mention other uncanny weather events in SE Louisiana, such as the fact that Hurricane Ida (8/29/21) hit New Orleans on the exact 16-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (8/29/05). And Ida took a perfect curved path enabling it to wallop several famous plantations just southwest & west of New Orleans, during the post-Floyd “Racial (w)Reckoning” era. The plantations included, in order of being hit, Laurel Valley, Oak Alley, Laura, Whitney, Andry, San Francisco, Destrehan, etc. Andry Plantation was where the largest slave uprising in U.S. history began, on January 6th(!), 1811. Its main leader was executed 5 days later, on the interesting date 1/11/11. Of course, this country’s founding year, if broken into halves, is quite interesting: 888 + 888, but I digress.
    As an example of how often these plantations are used by Hollywood, Laurel Valley is one of the least famous of them, but scenes from at least 15 films & one TV series have been shot at it: https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?locations=Laurel+Valley%2C+Thibodaux%2C+Louisiana%2C+USA

    Anyway, it’s reminiscent of how Hurricane Harvey hit / flooded Houston on the anniversary of the helicopter crash death (death in a swirling vortex of wind, not unlike a hurricane) of blues guitar hero Stevie Ray Vaughan, whose debut album was named Texas Flood. And Houston’s baseball team, the Astros, inspirationally won their first World Series a few months later. They had 56 hits in the series; their opponent, the Dodgers, managed 47. LOL. Then the #metoo era began, involving Harvey Weinstein, the same month. So we see “Harvey” coding, plus the word flood, and the 56 & 47. (The final four teams remaining in the MLB playoffs that year just happened to be from America’s four most populous cities, which boosted TV ratings for this sport of sagging popularity.) The Astros were swept in their only previous World Series appearance, which coincidentally was right after Hurricane Katrina.

    This of course reminds one of the surge of patriotism after 9/11, closely followed by the Patriot Act, and then the Patriots winning their first Super Bowl months later, by beating the team with the Satanic mascot (Rams / goats).


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