John Motson: Legendary football commentator dies aged 77

He died in his sleep the night of 2/22 to 2/23 He was famous for his MATCH OF THE DAY commentary.

He died 137 days from his 10/7 Birthday

137 is the 33rd Prime

Dead 220 days from the opening of BBC RADIO 2 where he sold his soul.

Dead 86 days from when BBC celebrated his Career on May 19th in 2018

Dead on a Jesuit Order day

His last LIVE commentary was March 11th, 3/11 or 11/3 and he died on day leaving 311 days in the year.

17 days from the March 11 final anniversary

He was also a member of this Sick Satanic Empire

Dead 113 days from when the Queen appointed him

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