FOX NEWS HIGHLIGHTS, On this day in history, Feb. 24, 1914, Joshua L. Chamberlain dies, college professor turned Civil War hero.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who became the Union’s most celebrated combat hero of the Civil War, died on this day in history, Feb. 24, 1914.

Fox pays a tribute to a Civil War Hero today while War and Gun Control are Big Headline Agendas

Medal of Honor recipient survived six battle wounds, saved Union army, accepted Lee’s surrender

His death was attributed at least partly to some of the incredible six wounds he suffered and survived in battle 50 years earlier.

Fox does the tribute 109 years after his death when Gun Control is a big ticket Agenda.

He dies from wounds suffered from being shot 6 times many years earlier…

Civil War legend, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain is best known for his heroic participation in the Battle of Gettysburg

Died 170 day span after his birthday

They say he was born on Sept 8th, the 251st day of the year.

They give us a nice painting too for the imagery.

Bullshit HIS-STORY follows the same patterns.

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