Doctors recommend end-of-life decision for actor Tom Sizemore, known for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. When is his number up for the headlines?

This headline comes a span 220 days from the anniversary release of Saving Private Ryan

Feb 18th He suffered a brain Aneurysm, He is age 61

2/18 was 81 days after his birthday

When is he scripted to die in the headlines? I think March 2nd or 3rd.

They are highlighting the phrase “end of life decision” Could it be March 7th? 17 days after the incident

Will he last until March 8th 3/8 or 8/3 ?

I feel like we will see the headline on March 2nd or 3rd

March 3rd will be 144 and 223 days from the release anniversary

March 2nd will be 93 days from his birthday and 221 days from release anniversary and the 61st day. He is age 61

Saving Private Ryan has a running time of 170 minutes

Only time will tell …

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