Gematria truth about JonBenét Ramsey

March 3, Headlines, the house is being sold that she was killed in

Headline comes on 3/3

67 days after the anniversary of her death

Let’s talk about her death

She was born on 8/6

She was killed 223 days before her 7th Birthday and the house is listed at nearly 7 million for Headlines in 2023

Her dad John, has familiar Numbers that fit the script.. just saying

Her dad is known for his million dollar computer company and business relations with the Govt.

His daughter died 143 day span after her 6th birthday

The death was a span of 20 days after his birthday.

Her mother also died in a familiar pattern

her daughter died 4 days before her birthday

She died on 2006, 177 days before her Birthday

On July 9, 2008, the Boulder County District Attorney’s office announced that the Ramsey family members were no longer considered suspects in the case

On July 9th (7/9) the 191 day of 2008, The D.A. Cleared the family as suspects and apologized

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