March 7th (7/3) Sacrifice Ritual and Headline Propaganda. 2 Americans dead, 2 found alive in Mexico kidnapping.

4 Americans were Kidnapped 3/3 in Mexico.

33 year old drives to Mexico on 3/3 for a medical procedure gets kidnapped with friends.

March 7th Headlines: They are found but 2 are dead. This comes after 4 days of searching and 4 is associated with death.

Found on March 7th (7/3), and 2 have been sacrificed.

The names of the Victims are connected to sacrifice numbers.

Mexico’s Governor of Tamaulipas and the President have a press conference March 7th at 11:30

113 is the number for lies and deception.

The kidnapping occurred, 153/ 154 days after The Governor assumed office.

It is also 81 days from his birthday when they were kidnapped.

He is 64 and spoke of the 4 dead Americans on March 7th 3/7

It is 251 days from The President’s birthday to the News conference.

I’m sure I will add to this decode as the propaganda comes in. 🙂

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