Otis Taylor, Super Bowl champion and Chiefs legend, dead at 80

Chosen in the 1965 draft for both NFL and AFL as picks 15&4 (154)

He dies 102 days from the draft anniversary ..

102, familiar pattern with black history and shaming rituals

He is dead 211 days after his Birthday, (211, 112)

Aug 11th is his birthday, its the 223 day of the year. He dies in 2023.

All the articles highlight that “He spent more than 10 years with the Chiefs” and died at age 80

the most memorable highlight from his career is a 79 yard pass in the fourth and final afl and nfl championship game on Jan 11th

He died 308 days before the anniversary of the big game

His death was announced on the 10th * 59 days from the Famous Game

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