Jill Biden to Visit Nashville Shooting Vigil.

New Update March 29th, Jill Biden will visit Nashville 66 days before her birthday

Update from yesterday is below

March 28th, we got the Body Camera Footage on the 87th day of the year,

The 2 officers have matching Gematria and 107 connections

March 27th 27/3 Headline News.

The school motto (Zach made this connection at Gematriaeffectnews) on you tube

This is a Interesting Transgender connection from a new law from Bill Lee.

On March 2nd Gov Bill Lee in Tennessee signed a Drag restriction and gender surgery ban.

The Tennessean published the article at 3:11 then we have a shooting that starts at 10:13. This was big Chaos Headlines for 3/3 as well. This shooting was also coded with 33 connections in the headlines.

The shooting comes 25 days after the law is signed by Lee.

March 2nd is the 61st day of the year.

This puzzle is highly coded for Sacrifice, Transgender, and Pew Pew Agendas.

Original post is below

We forecasted a sacrifice

We have a total 7 dead 3 kids.

3 workers, 3 kids and the shooter are all dead. Headlines are showing 3/3 and not counting the shooter in the death total at this point.

This image was shared on Facebook from a fellow truther Mic Savo and states the school has 33 teachers.

Notice the Police Spokesman was Don Aaron who said the Shooter enterd with 2 assault and one hand gun

SHE IS FOUND DEAD AT 10:27 (127)

They 86d the news today as expected under Governor Bill Lee in Tennessee

170 days from the Governor’s Birthday

Our shooter is Audrey age 28

Its been 4 years and 67 days since he took office.

Lets look at the Mayor too since he is making headlines now

He is currently 66, 202 days from his birthday 67th Birthday.

Now we have the update of the shooter being Trans

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