Kuts goes to Misalignment Museum. Its all the Illuminati…

Shout out to Kuts please sub to his channel (Link at the Bottom). He visited the Misalignment Museum and was able to document the Satanic Tribute to the Illuminati in this museum.

The address had to be at a 201 Address for the Ritual. (These people are sick)

This museum will run until May 1st, the birthday of the Illuminati

Lets read a few sentences from their website

The Misalignment Museum imagines a post-apocalyptic world where AGI has already destroyed most of humanity, then realizing this was bad, created this museum as a memorial and apology to the remaining humans

As a society, we are becoming more beholden to interfacing with machines to operate and to make decisions that affect people’s lives (e.g. computer aided decision-making in healthcare, criminal justice, lending). If this technology is not developed thoughtfully in alignment with human life, it could destabilize civilization and even lead to a destruction of humanity.

Link to Kuts Youtube Below.


Link to the LIVE feed of the museum Below

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