Updated:…Breaking News…Shooting in Kentucky.. another Selected official connected

We have 5 dead 6 injured 56

There is always a connection to the official

This happens 134 days from the Mayor Birthday

Greenberg is currently 49 and the character for Gun Control today

Happens on the 100th day of the year and power comes with sacrifices.

830 in the morning huh 83 again

He has been in office for 99 days

The Governor is also on his way too Check back for updates to this post. This will be ongoing with many updates.

we are 132 days from the Governors Birthday

He assumed office on Dec 10th. This shooting comes 121 days from his anniversary

They are adding new LINGO to the bullshit

8:30 start time, a number we know as a murder number

update 333 address lol



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