Abe Lincoln Assassination and numeric connections to Biden and freemasonry .

Famous for the Civil War, died at age 56

He took office on March 4th (3/4 or 4/3) and

Dies at 10:15

April 14/15 will be 158 years since the assassination of Lincoln.

The world is being pushed into Gun Control and here we are 158 years later.

He went to see Our American Cousin

Booth said SIC SEMPER before he Shot Abe.

He died on the morning of April 15th 15/4

shot with a 44

born on 2/12. This year we had the Super Bowl on 2/12 and it was synced with the same patterns

Assumed office on 4/3 and dies 62 days from birthday

He was in office for 1503 or 1504 days. In numerology you drop the 0 153/154 & died on 15/4

shot on 14/4, dead on 15/4, and became president on 3/4.

He was shot 42 or a span of 43 days from his anniversary of taking office.

Skull and Bones is 191 years old currently. Could this be history repeating? Only time will tell, but lets look at the connections with Biden and Abe.

Can you imagine the outrage and how quick people will give up Guns if the President dies in a shooting ritual (Like Abe) 158 years ago?

This April 15th has a 62 date numerology like Abe dying 62 days from his birthday

April 14th and 15th will be 220 days before Biden’s Birthday

He will turn 81 years old on that birthday

He received 81 million votes

We can see the assassination of Abe was a scripted Ritual. I am sure this weekend we will see another shooting ritual. I cant say if Biden will be their target but The numbers are interesting. It is Saturday too 🙂

If Biden goes then Kamala would take office 177 days from her birthday

April 14th 14/4 will be interesting

April 15 is interesting compared to their inauguration date

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