Another Update to Clarence Tomas Drama. April 13th

This Headline 74 days from his birthday

2 other updates below

They have added AOC into the drama and we can see why… she fits into the same documented pattern

she is born 10/13 and currently 33 years old

The pattern continues with the character of AOC and 187 days from her birthday.

2 previous posts are below

We knew Big Govt Headlines would come on April 7th.

Mega Donor Crow collect’s Hitler stuff is headlines.

Headlines of Hitler’s memorability 87 days from Harlan Crow’s birthday

A Look at the Number connections with Hitler and Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas was Born on the 174th day of the year. His role is the Supreme Court.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 110th day of the year.

Clarence Thomas assumed office 187 days from Hitler’s Birthday

Hitler Died at age 56

Original Impeachment Headlines about “Bribes ” came 79 days from Clarence’s Birthday

Original post below

Clarence Thomas faces impeachment calls after reports of undisclosed gifts in a 201 Ritual.

201 days before his anniversary of taking office

79 days from his Birthday

He is age 74 currently and this headline come on the eve of April 7th 4/7 7/4. Im sure this will be headline news tomorrow

They are calling for impeachment

April 6th 4/6 or 6/4

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