One thought on “The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan dead at 46

  1. ***I tagged Frank on Facebook for a visual***
    Mark Anthony Sheehan of The Script has passed away age 46.
    Reminded me of the “Vegas Golden Knights”=199 ordinal.
    199 is the 46th prime number.
    From the day Mark is reported to have died, to what would have been his next birthday, is 199 days (span).
    Mark Anthony Sheehan = 200 ordinal gematria.
    The Jets use to be the Atlanta Thrashers out of Georgia. Reminded me of the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones.
    Georgia Guidestones = 200 ordinal gematria
    Atlanta also has an NFL team called the Falcons, which reminded me of the first team to ever win gold at the Olympics.
    “The Winnipeg Falcons” = 200 ordinal gematria.
    From the day of the bombing of the Georgia Guidestones, to the day the Jets and Vegas play their game 1, is 286 days.
    Mark Anthony Sheehan = 286 reverse ordinal gematria
    Georgia Guidestones = 286 reverse ordinal gematria
    The Winnipeg Falcons = 286 reverse ordinal gematria
    The 8:30 start time of game 1 matches the Satanic gematria too.
    Mark Anthony Sheehan = 830 Satanic gematria
    Georgia Guidestones = 830 Satanic gematria
    The Winnipeg Falcons = 830 Satanic gematria


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