Hundreds of rowdy teens clash in Chicago, 3 years and 330 days after Lightfoot took office. Mayor Elect also speaks out. It is Just More Pew Pew agendas.

Chicago is headlined for the weekend shooting

on 15/4 April 15th

The mayor Lori Lightfoot took office 3 years and 330 days ago

We just seen the last 2 school shootings happened at 33/333 addresses

She is the 56th Mayor.

43rd Governor is Jay Pritzker

Who orchestrated this event and told these kids to come downtown?

Look who is being headlined today and speaking on chaos.

Chicago mayor-elect condemns ‘Teen Takeover’ chaos, but says it’s ‘not constructive to demonize youth’

Brandon Johnson condemned the downtown mayhem but said Chicago needs ‘spaces for youth to gather safely and responsibly’

He just won the elections on 4/4 in a run off with Lightfoot

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