Bucs LB Shaquil Barrett’s 2-year-old daughter dies after drowning in family swimming pool 201 days from his birthday.

Today is the 30th and Shaquil is currently 30 years old. This sacrifice has connection to both his current team and his original contract.

His daughter dies, 201 days from his birthday.

In 2014 he signed a 1.53 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos

In 2019, he signed with the Buccaneers on 15/3.

He got signed on the 130th day of the year for 15.3 million.

She drowns at the age of 2. 107 months and 20 days after he signed the contract.

Today is April 30th 4/30. 0, has no value.

He signs with the Buccaneers on the 74th day of the year.

Her Birthday is on the 109th day of the year and he currently plays with the Buccaneers

This happens at the family home in Tampa.

she is dead 46 days from the Buccaneer contract anniversary

Jesus was Sacrificed in John 3:16

Adding to the puzzle number by number.

A different date numerology when you multiple the numbers in the dates. It has the 144/72 connection

Buccaneers on 15/3 after his 15.3 Million contract from the Broncos. (153)

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