Gematria Riddle Highlights April 2023

April 30th

April 29

April 27th

April 26th

April 25th

April 24th

April 23

April 22

April 20th

April 19th

April 18th

April 17th

April 15th

4 dead in Dadeville Alabama at sweet 16 party

Japan PM almost killed

second train derails same day almost same name of city

April 14th

Anheuser Busch makes statement

abortion drug stopped by Supreme court justice

Guitarist from THE SCRIPT dead at 46

April 13th

Merrick Garland is the puppet

dead at age 84 and 201 days from her birthday

April 12

NHL announce a 38 yr old death

He dies 77 days from his draft anniversary

April 11th

Census Bureau makes sacrifice of Steven H Murdock on Passover announce it on April 11th

April 10th

April 9th

April 8th

April 7th

April 6th

April 5th

April 4

April 3

April 2nd

Marlin Wayans announced death of his father the day before on 4/1

April 1

Look at some of the Headlines

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