Jamie Foxx is Still Hospitalized….Family Prepares For Worst…Possible dates of bullshit Headlines

His name = the date of May 25th 25/5

May 25th is 202 days from his birthday

May 26th is 201 days from his birthday

Jamie got his start on In Living Color that debuted on 15/4

May 26th will be 33 years and 42 days after In Loving Color Debut

May 25th will be 33 years and 41 day span from debut and 33 years and 41 days from Birthday

This Headline comes out on 10/5 and In Living Color debuted on the 105th day

May 25th is 43 days and May 26th is 44 days from the “Emergency”

From today Headlines to May 26 is a span of 17 days

Todays Headlines come on 10/5 and he is 55 years old. Are they planning his demise?

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