22-Year-Old Boxer Kenneth Egano Dead After Collapsing in Ring

May 6th, He collapsed and died 4 days later on the 10th. We know 4 is associated with death.

He also Debut in a 4 round bout.

He was 22 years old. Died 22 days before his birthday on a 22 date numerology.

He collapsed 130 days after his debut anniversary on May 6th and died on the 130th day of the year May 10th

If you count the span it is 131 days and this occured on the show BLOW BY BLOW

Collapsed on 5/6

The Show Blow by Blow was revived on Dec 13th to air every Sunday night

He collapses 144 days after that anniversary. (This is the only date WIki gives for the show)

He died 144 days from Manny Birthday

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