History Repeats … Prince Harry is almost killed in a Paparazzi car chase like his mom….

Headlines on the 137th day

Harry is aged 38 right now and we know 38 is a big death and kill number

This comes 123 day span from Prince Harry Birthday

It is 243 days after his birthday and his mom was killed on the 243rd day of the year.

This also happened on the monthly Kill date

This comes 25 years after his mother was killed in a car crash by paparazzi …

25 years and 258 days later

107 days from the next anniversary..

It is also a span of 108 days til the anniversary of Diana death

108 days from the mayor Birthday who is speaking out against the incident.

Check back for more updates.

Ill be working on this more in the evening.

All the Writers say the same Key Phrases.

Yahoo, Taryn Ryder.

NBC News Henry Austin, and friends. 🙂

Reuters, Michael Holden and Jonathan Allen.

Lets look into Princess Diana Death

She was killed a span of 62 days from her Birthday

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