Stephen McNair Death Decode.

This one is for Jason who ask about this death. Lets take a look into his- story

Born on 2/14

Nicknamed Air McNair

Drafted in 1995

Died on 7/4 . He died 73 days from his draft date or a span of 74 days

Born on Valentines Day and died on July 4th

2 thoughts on “Stephen McNair Death Decode.

  1. I remember the very date this occurred. Haven’t heard of Gematria then. But thanks to your great decode, I’m doubting that woman shot McNair. A woman would shoot a man in self defense, but more likely to stab him as a perp. Why would he text someone, then fall asleep?????

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  2. thank you Amy ,, i knew this story was a load of crap i liked McNair too..
    none of these stories make sense
    There was a shooting in Hamilton Ontario today the story is goofy and the address is 322 Jones Road. im finding strange things now. with the knowledge


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