Update to Original post on Aug 30th ….Charlbi Dean, ‘Triangle of Sadness’ and ‘Black Lightning’ actor, dies at 32

UPDATE headline news on Dec 21st reveals the cause of death

This headline comes 115 days after her death

Dead of Bacterial Sepsis

Original post below

Her death headline comes on 8/30.

she is dead 206 days after her birthday like LUKE BELL who is also headline death news today

Today’s date is 8/30 or 30/8 in numerology you drop the 0 for 38/83

My prediction of death today is coming true. This is a screenshot of my blog post from yesterday

Headline news of the 32 year old comes on August 30th 2022

She died yesterday and The date numerology of her death is 23 and 79.

She died exactly 23 weeks before her birthday. at the age of 32

She was chosen for her role as model/actress to be sacrificed off later.

she is Headline news 11 years 38 weeks and 4 days after her Debut in Spud. Those who sell their soul make sacrifices

11 is the master number and 38 is the murder 4 is associated with death

She was marked and that is why we get the Headlines today about her death.

The running time for Spud was 103 minutes and it made 4 million

Spud released on 12/3 like 123 and she is headline news on the day leaving 123 left in the year

read about other deaths today with the same patterns below




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